Thursday, August 22, 2013

Learn Yoga

YOGA CLOTHES are of prime importance as the everyday clothes we wear are not suitable for doing such exercises as are found in YOGA CLASSES. Yoga clothing needs to be comfortable and stretchy to allow for your body to maintain stretches and positions without restriction.

The fabric the clothes are made from needs to breathe so that you do not get too hot and sticky. Cotton or bamboo material is the best for yoga clothing. Bamboos especially, wicks away perspiration and being anti-bacterial, helps to prevent odour. Yoga clothing comes as long or short pants and tops that can be sleeveless, or have short sleeves for the most comfortable experience. But if you are doing yoga during the cooler months, you need to wear longer sleeved yoga tops to make sure your muscles do not get chilled.

The next most important thing to have when taking yoga classes is a YOGA MAT to sit on. Yoga mats give you protection for the spine and knees. Where you may not be able to sit on a hard floor, a yoga mat you will feel quite comfortable. But what kind of yoga mat is best? Yoga mats are made from a variety of materials and fabrics: -

PVC. While comfortable the chemical phthalates is added for flexibility. But this is not bonded to the PVC and so may leach out over time.

Eco Yoga mats are made of foam or latex covered with various materials. Some people are allergic to latex so be aware of what is inside your yoga mat.

Rubber yoga mats give an excellent place to perform yoga exercises comfortably, although some people are allergic to rubber. It is an eco friendly choice as some have Jute or seagrass covers.

Wool yoga mats tend to be a bit slippery, with the wool pile often sticking between the toes.

Cotton yoga mats offer good grip, but may need to go over the top of another one with a little more padding.

Once you have your clothing and mat you will be all set for those yoga classes but you may want to add a mat bag to your collection for ease of carrying.

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